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High-speed. Metro. Modernisation projects.

The Slab Track Austria system can be applied in a variety of situations thanks to its highly modular and flexible features. It has been used on projects in tunnels, on bridges or viaducts, and on open sections.
Whether the project requires high noise and vibration attenuation, steep curves and challenging superelevation, whether it is in an urban, rural or remote environment – Slab Track Austria by PORR meets all these requirements.

Slab Track Austria has special advantages when used on bridges and in tunneling because of its very sleek panel. The total weight of the track slab is comparatively low, thus keeping the dead load on the bridge to a minimum. The low height of 43cm and the additional option to reduce the panel width from 2.4m to 2.1m makes it the perfect solution in tunnels. Especially where the required tunnel cross-section is of decisive economic importance. Slab Track Austria played a decisive role in the refurbishment of the Tauern and Arlberg tunnels in order to increase the clearance without widening the tunnel. This made it possible to significantly reduce costs. 
Slab Track Austria has been tested and used at speeds above 300 km/h in Germany and Austria. In numerous high-speed tests at speeds above 300 km/h, corresponding metrological tests showed that the system is suitable for speeds of at least up to 350 km/h. In Germany, Slab Track Austria has unlimited approval for high speed. 

Slab Track Austria offers advantages for use in tunnels, on bridges and embankment - whether for high-speed, high-performance, metro, stations or conventional railway projects.

High Speed
Highest quality with minimum maintenance necessary.
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Slab Track Austria for Metro Slab.
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Modernisation projects
Cost optimisation thanks to low construction height and width.
Advantages with installation of noise and vibration mitigation measures and additional system extension.
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