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High Speed

Slab Track Austria – a proven track record.

Faster, safer and longer-lasting – train traffic is gaining more and more momentum. And more than ever, the demand for high-speed train rail network has been increasing for years.

High-performance and high-speed railway lines have to meet certain requirements so that they allow for travel speeds of up to 360 km/h. Above all, the condition of the corresponding superstructure systems plays an important role. The Slab Track Austria system, STA for short, developed by PORR and ÖBB fulfils precisely these required criteria with an elastically mounted track slab as the key element. 

With the Slab Track System, PORR takes you on a train journey into the future. 

The ballastless Slab Track Austria system was developed in cooperation between PORR and ÖBB and has been the standard system for slab tracks in Austria since 1995. Numerous high-speed tests with speeds of more than 300 km/h were carried out in Germany and Austria. The metrological tests have shown that the system is suitable for speed of at least 350 km/h. In Germany, the system has been authorized permit for high speed lines without speed limitations.

The Slab Track Austria technology from PORR is a tried and tested state-of-the-art technology that has established itself through the quality of its carefully designed and selected components and is a proven track record. Perhaps the most enduring seal of quality is its longevity. Since its first installation in 1989, the Slab Track Austria system has been virtually maintenance-free. Slab replacement due to a quality defect or failure of the slab track has never been necessary, although this is also easily possible with PORR's slab track system. It comes as close as possible to a maintenance-free track. The estimated life cycle is at least 60 years. The ballastless track system was also installed in what is currently the longest railway project in Germany, the VDE 8, a German Unity 8 transport project, between Halle and Coburg/Ebensfeld. Millions of rail passengers a year can thus reach their destination on the reliable, comfortable railway line built by PORR.