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Slab Track Austria for Metro stands for proven technology, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

Thanks to continuous further development by PORR, the system, which has been successfully used in long-distance transport since 1989, could also be adapted to the requirements of metro projects. The key element is the Metro track support slab, an elastically supported slab fitted for metro requirements. Built on concrete base it offers logistical and qualitative for construction in tunnels, on viaducts and earthworks.

Since 2016, the Austria ballastless track system for the metro has also been used on a 165 km long section of the Doha metro in Qatar. 


Derailment protection.

Derailment protection is provided in the form of integrated concrete upstands along the full length of the panel. This feature optimizes installation time and cost, as no additional installation of guide rails is required.

Mass Spring System

The standard Metro slab is already a light mass spring-system due to the integrated elastic layer. It can also be implemented as medium and heavy mass spring system when needed.

High-quality prefabrication

The key element of the Slab Track Austria Metro system is a prefabricated panel produced under controlled factory conditions, ensuring high quality throughout the production process.

System Features of Metro Slab.

  • Fitted for metro requirements with integrated derailment protection
  • Produced under controlled factory conditions ensuring the highest quality
  • Weather influences are reduced to a minimum through prefabrication
  • Top-down construction with track alignment measured from TOR
  • High track precision
  • Dowels and mounting for rail and track equipment provided in the panel
  • Quick and easy installatio
  • Less labour required for installation 
  • Long life cycle
  • Untensioned reinforced precast slab
  • Joints between de-coupled slabs compensate for any deformation due to cree, shrinking or temperature changes