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Extension and equipment

Additional equipment.

1. standard construction

2. revision in track axle

3. slab with accessible noise absorber

4. small slab accessible

5. accessible slab with and without guide rail function

6. slab with guard rails (46 E2)

7. slab with guard rails (60 E1)

8. metro slab with guide rail function

Easy in-track integration with railway systems equipment.

The ballastless track system from PORR is designed in such a way that the integration of additional railway equipment such as components of safety, management and supply technology can be easily integrated into the track slab system. 

Thanks to the high-quality concrete surface and the millimetre-precise production of the key support points, fastening points for additional equipment such as sound insulation panels, accessibility panels, buffer stops, track magnets or crash barriers can already be provided in advance and at the factory. This allows for easier and more precise installation without drilling at the construction site.

In addition, the Slab Track Austria system can be used for a wide variety of requirements due to its modular and flexible form. From tunnel to bridge projects, but also on open tracks.

Regardless of whether the project requires sound and vibration damping, steep curves or challenging superelevations, whether it is used in the city or in the countryside - the Slab Track Austria system from ÖBB and PORR meets all requirements.