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Rail Expansion Device

with the precast PORR slabs

Advantages of the Rail Expansion Device on PORR precast slab track technology

  • Provides geometry retention and continuous support for a safety critical rail system.
  • Track slab system and its engineering principles allow for differing lengths and geometry of Rail Expansion Device.
  • High quality modular and factory manufactured system.
  • Modular system design to assist easy on-site installation with a reduced need for adjustments compared to in-situ slab track systems.
  • Pre-assembly of the full Rail Expansion System is possible at manufacture.
  • Optimization of project costs, safety and quality are provided via this modular system whilst minimising multiple transportation of large steel and concrete components before installation.
  • Pre site install assembly is also possible, however, it is not necessary as this full system is tested and proven.
  • Slab Track Austria system provides a level platform for ease of expansion rail maintenance.

A robust interface and coordination design between suppliers ensures that all requirements and specifications are met ahead of  production. The Slab Track Austria’s modular support system is designed in such a way that all rail components can be pre-assembled with high accuracy, therefore providing geometry control and ease of maintenance for what are safety critical assets.

As an example, only 8 concrete slabs are required for a 25-metre long Rail Expansion Device. All rail support baseplates and fastenings are in place ready to receive the expansion rails at the point of installation. No individual rail support blocks or sleeper adjustment is necessary.